Life-AlTerιng transformaTιon: EighT Thιngs thaT Change When Yoᴜ Become a Parent

Eight Things That Change When You Become a Parent

Eʋeryone tells you that your life wilƖ aƖteɾ witҺ the birTҺ of ɑ cҺιld; you’lƖ undoubTedly haʋe less мoney (and sleeρ! ), ƄᴜT whɑt else?

tҺese are nine changes To your lifestyƖe thɑt you may exρect ɑfteɾ you become a ρɑɾenT:

  1. You discover you’re in a new club. When you see other parents whose child is screaming, having a tantrum, or refusing to eat, you’re able to give them an understanding look instead of thinking, ‘what a nightmare’.
  1. You discover a whole new language to describe how amazing your baby is and love telling people about your little one – over and over again – even strangers!
  1. You develop a new found respect for your own body, marveling that it can hold, grow and nourish a human being for the nine months of pregnancy and while you breastfeed.  In fact, any remaining pregnancy pounds or stretch marks now seem like badges of honor.
  1. You finally appreciate all of the sacrifices your parents made for you and come to relish their stories about what you were like as a child – rather than greeting them with an eye roll!


  1. A visit to the beautician or hairdresser is a distant memory; instead you’ll spend plenty of time playing in the bath with your little one.
    1. Your priorities completely change and things that once seemed crucial now seem trivial.


    1. You realize that it really is possible to put another person’s needs and wishes before your own.


    1. You don’t need an alarm clock – your baby will wake you in their very own special schedule each morning – and night.

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