Glazed French Nails Are the Nail Trend for Fall 2023!

The next appointment at the nail salon is just around the corner and you are looking for great ideas for your new manicure? Glazed French Nails are THE minimalist nail trend for fall 2023 that everyone is obsessed with! What’s behind it and how can you recreate the look yourself at home?

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With the change of season, we always familiarize ourselves with the latest fashion trends and fill our wardrobe with many trendy pieces. But we also want to give our fingernails a seasonal upgrade and fall nails 2023 look cooler than ever! Glazed French nails are being hailed as the biggest nail trend of the season and we shall explain why.

Glazed French Nails: This Is What the Nail Trend Looks Like in Fall 2023

minimalist design fall nails trends glazed french nails

It can’t be denied that Glazed Donut Nails have been dominating nail design trends over the past few months. The pearly manicure of top model Hailey Bieber has caused a real hype and taken our hearts by storm. But Glazed French Nails steal the crown of popular nail design and are definitely one of the most beautiful nail trends in fall 2023. As the name suggests, Glazed French Nails is the combination of two popular nail designs – Glazed Donut Nails and French nails.

glazed french nails fall 2023 trends

True, French nails are one of those timeless designs that look great for every occasion and that you can always rely on. In contrast to the classic French manicure, the nail tips no longer look so hard, but much softer and more elegant. To achieve this shimmering, dreamy look, the nail tips are painted in a pearly nail color. A shimmery, pink base is applied first. Glazed French nails are the perfect nail trend for everyone who likes things simpler but finds classic French manicures rather boring.

DIY Glazed French Nails: It’s That Easy to Achieve the Look

The classic manicure look is getting a cool upgrade for the coming season. With its shimmering touch, Glazed French Nails are an excellent alternative to the otherwise dark nail colors we all wear in fall and winter. And the best? All DIY enthusiasts can easily recreate the look at home. We will explain how this works below.

glazed french nails fall nail design trends 2023 french manicure variations

  • First prepare your nails and file them into the shape you want.
  • Then paint your fingernails with a base coat in a soft nude tone and let dry.
  • Next, paint the nail tips with a vanilla nail polish and apply 2 coats for better coverage. If you find it too difficult to paint straight lines, use special stencils for French nails.
  • Apply a thin layer of top coat and allow to dry completely.
  • To achieve the “glazed” effect, apply a thin layer of chrome powder to the nails with a brush.
  • Finally, seal with another layer of base coat and allow to dry.
  • And voilà – it’s so easy to do Glazed French Nails by yourself!

Glazed French Nails: We Shall Be Wearing These Nail Designs in Fall 2023

fall nails 2023 glazed french nails

If you want to be on trend this fall, combine the popular chrome aesthetic and soft shimmer of Glazed Donut Nails with the timeless elegance of French manicure. To give you some inspiration for your next mani, we’ll show you how cool and classy Glazed French Nails look.

Barbie Pink French Nails

fall nail trends 2023 glazed french nails photos

The fashion world sees the Barbie aesthetic as a great inspiration and the Barbiecore trend will continue to stay with us in fall 2023. If you are in the mood for a bright and colorful manicure, then this nail design is for you! Glazed French nails in pink are a great eye-catcher and create a good mood in the dark fall and winter months.

Square Nails

minimalist nails fall 2023 trend french manicure variations

Almond nails are yesterday! Square fingernails, also known as square nails, are the new favorite of all fashion girls. The square nail shape balances the nail bed and therefore makes our fingers look more polished. Glazed French nails and square nails are a “match made in heaven” and look particularly chic and elegant.

Glazed French Nails for Short Nails

diy glazed french nails fall 2023 manicure trends

Short nails are particularly practical for everyday life and always give a well-groomed look. Why we love Glazed French Nails for fall 2023? The pretty manicure looks wonderfully elegant and subtle even on short fingernails!

Eye-Catching Stiletto Nails

2023 glazed french nails trendy manicure

Do you love the simple elegance of Glazed French Nails, but still like something a little more eye-catching and extravagant? How about combining this 2023 fall nail trend with extra-long stiletto nails? This look is definitely only for the very brave among you will create a wow effect.

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Spice Up Glazed French Nails with Decorations

fall 2023 french nails trend minimalist manicure ideas

Glazed French nails as a nail trend in fall 2023 are already a pretty eye-catcher. But a little sparkle and glitter wouldn’t be bad either, right? Whether with rhinestones, glitter or fine stars like in the photo above – you can spice up the trendy manicure in different ways to your heart’s content. Just have fun and try out different nail designs because fall nails 2023 are all about experimenting.

glazed french nails nail trends fall 2023

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