Cat With Broken Leg Has Only Days Left To Find A Family

UPDATE: The County Of Los Angeles Animal Care And Control has reported that Nemo was finally adopted into his forever home.

When shelter workers came to put Nemo the cat down, another employee told them, “No.” The brave woman’s compassion bought Nemo some time – but he still may only have days left to live unless someone steps up to help.

John Hwang

From the moment he arrived, shelter worker Cristina Garcia knew Nemo was special. Nemo, only 11 months old, came to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, California, with his front leg badly broken. Since he had no visible scratches or cuts, shelter workers speculate that he landed on his leg wrong while trying to jump down from something.

Despite his injury and the cast the shelter put on him, Nemo still just wants to play, appearing to miraculously be in very little pain. Nemo was otherwise in great condition, clean and healthy, suggesting he possibly used to have a family.

Nemo took a liking to Garcia almost immediately and the two began to form a special bond. “He has a great personality, he’s just hilarious,” Garcia told The Dodo. “He jumped up on my shoulder from his cage even with his cast. He’s very happy no matter what is going on.”

When her co-workers came to put Nemo down, Garcia begged them not to. “They told me this was my job,” Garcia said. “I told them I have a feeling about this cat. I’ll network him, I’ll do what I have to do.”

After much pleading, Garcia gave Nemo what he so desperately needed – more time. Nemo’s file now has him on hold until December 11, 2015, which means that he’s safe from euthanasia until then. After that, his time may finally run out. But Garcia is determined not to let that happen.

Garcia reached out to photographer John Hwang, who snapped photos of Nemo to help him gain more attention – Garcia even got him a bow tie for the occasion.

“My heart just breaks for each of them. I know I’m supposed be here, to help them as much as I can,” Garcia told Hawng.

Garcia spends as much time with the animals of Baldwin Park Animal Shelter as she can, even sacrificing her lunch breaks to be with them. Among her favorite is a sweet pig named Pumba. “I like to call him Billy Bob, though. I don’t know why,” Garcia said.

Unfortunately, Garcia is unable to adopt Nemo herself, as she already has three cats and two dogs.

Without Garcia’s passion and love for animals, Nemo would already be gone, and now he needs all the help he can get in order to be saved once more.

Nemo can be adopted directly from the shelter or saved by a rescue. Because of his broken front leg, whoever takes him in will need to sign a waiver saying they understand his medical needs and costs.

If you or someone you know would be interested in adopting Nemo, you can contact the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter at (626) 962-3577. His animal ID number is A4901145.

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