BUILD IT, don’t buy it: DIY Broken Pot Fairy Garden

At some point in time you may find yourself with broken pots on your hand. Well don’t despair my dear friends. It’s so easy to throw them out, but why? Don’t do that because we are going to tell you how to reuse it. They can have so many uses. In fact that cracked flower pots that you have outback could also be instantly transformed. You could transform that old broken pot into wonderful tiny garden. Perfect fairy garden for your kids.

In this article you will find so useful ideas about how to do it yourself broken pot fairy garden. If you follow the instructions that we give you for free, you will be able to do this. It’s easy and affordable project for every person. It’s very interesting for the children, but also interesting for the parents. Why buying something that you could build it?

Plant a lot of tiny flowers in this lovely broken pot, add some toy that your kids don’t need anymore. You could also make wonderful steps on your good looking broken pot – fairy garden. And all of these elements together are good combination of garden. A garden that is good for looking in and worth for having it.

These broken pot fairy garden are so easy to make when you how! See the images, follow the instructions below and learn how.

This simple and fun project is a great way to get the kids out into the garden. BUILD IT, don’t buy it: DIY broken pot fairy garden. It’s nice to have a thing like this in your own house or outdoor place. Isn’t it?

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