Utah Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets after Desperately Dreaming of a Baby for Years: ‘I Was in Awe’

A Utah woman adored her family of four, but she longed to have another baby. Years went by, but she struggled to conceive again. The mom of two had almost given up hope when she finally saw two lines on her life-changing pregnancy test.

Utah Mom Gives Birth to Quintuplets

Jamie and Skylar Scott lived happily with their sons, Shayden and Landon. They never thought they would struggle to grow their family, but that quickly became a reality.

For five years, Jamie and her husband tried to fall pregnant, but it seemed like they had no luck. The mother started to come to terms with the possibility that another baby wasn’t meant to be.

Baby (Babies) Bump 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 Jamie slept well last night and she feels recharged. This afternoon she’s going on her 2nd outdoor field trip in over 5 weeks of hospitalized bedrest. I’m excited for her 😊 We’ll celebrate 27 weeks tomorrow!! That’s only one week from 28 weeks, which is such an incredible milestone. Join us tomorrow evening at 7:30 MST as our once 10-link paper chain is reduced to 5 links 🎉

She Finally Saw Two Pink Lines

Jamie’s heart desperately longed for another child, but the disappointments kept coming. She had become accustomed to seeing negative results on her pregnancy tests and it was a painful journey for the couple.

However, Jamie took another pregnancy test in 2017, forever changing their lives. The mother was in disbelief and recalled:

“After all these years of trying, it was just incredible to see those two pink lines.”

The couple had conceived, and Jamie was ecstatic—little did she know a bumpy ride of ups and downs was ahead!.

Our babies turned 4 weeks old yesterday ❤️💙❤️💙❤️

More than They Imagined

Jamie and Skylar did two rounds of intrauterine insemination, and the fertility treatment gave them the results they had hoped for. Then they noticed Jamie’s HCG hormone levels were high a few weeks into the pregnancy. This meant there was a likelihood of twins or triplets. The parents were excited by the prospects but never imagined what awaited them.

The journey to delivering the babies was not easy. At the 21-week mark, one of them was ready to be delivered and Jamie went into labor.

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Their Miracle Babies

The sonographer revealed that they were expecting five babies, and Jamie recalled them saying: “‘One… two… three… four…’ then, as a few moments ticked by, ‘five!’”.

The couple was visibly stunned by the news, and their mouths gaped. They got more than they ever expected, but they knew it was a blessing from God. After all, there was only a 0.003% chance of having quintuplets. Jamie kept thinking she might wake up and not be pregnant, but she was, and her family was growing exponentially.

NEW VLOG – Jamie held all 5 babies for the first time!! Such a special moment ❤️💙❤️💙❤️ Vlog link in profile!

The Mother Was in Awe

After discovering the miraculous news, the mother had one concern. She turned to the sonographer and asked if all five infants were alive. Thankfully, they had strong heartbeats and were growing well.

It was a moment the mother cherished forever as she looked at the scan, expressing: “I was absolutely in awe, and I cried to see all of those babies on the screen.”

Jamie was undoubtedly reminded of the significant miracle whenever she felt her babies move. The pregnancy equally touched her sons, and the proud mother shared:

“Their faces lit up every time they felt their siblings move.”

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A Moment of Panic

The journey to delivering the babies was not easy. At the 21-week mark, one of them was ready to be delivered, and Jamie went into labor. She was surrounded by six doctors, all trying to help.

The panicked mother asked if there was a chance the pregnancy could be saved. One doctor replied: “No.” His words broke her heart, and she added:

“He told us we would lose all of our babies. We were absolutely devastated.”

Good morning from Logan, Daisy, Violet, Lily, and Lincoln! 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

Her Miraculous Healing

To everyone’s surprise, a miracle took place in the hospital room. Jamie’s labor stopped, and the membrane started healing. The mother became emotional and couldn’t believe a major tragedy was avoided.

Amid many other pregnancy-related health challenges, Jamie was kept in the hospital. At 29 weeks, she finally welcomed the five little ones into the world.

The babies were delivered on March 21, 2018, in less than 60 seconds. Jamie couldn’t stop looking at them and gushing about their beauty. The quintuplets had 50 perfect fingers and 50 perfect toes.

Quints holding quints! If you missed yesterday’s vlog, go see how this played out. We had a wonderful time meeting the Wilkinson family quintuplets. 3 girls and 2 boys, just like our babies.

Five Little Blessings

The babies had a challenging journey earthside, but it was worth it for Jamie and Skylar, who received five times the happiness. The mother expressed: “I just feel so incredibly blessed that this is my new life.” She also said in a social media post:

“God hears and answers prayers. Even when clouds veil the heavens, know that he loves you, and there are brighter days ahead.”

Logan: “it’s okay, Lily!” 🤗 On today’s vlog (link in bio) see the latest random humor Skyler has cooked up 🤷🏼‍♀️😂, as well as our babies dressed up in some special outfits

The little bundles of love meant the world to the couple, and their story proves that miracles are possible. We wish their family a lifetime of happiness!.

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