45+ Crazy Cute Spring Nails 2024 You’ll Want To Show Off!


Are you looking for some good and cute spring nails? You are in the right place! Here are all the best inspirations you’ll need this year. 

Cute Spring Nails

Spring is in full swing this year which means you are probably thinking of getting something more fresh and cheery to match the season.

If that is true, you don’t have to look any further for manicure ideas because I’ve scoured Instagram for the best and latest spring nail trends of 2024.

No matter if you are looking for short spring nails this year, gel designs, or simple ideas you can rock any day, these cute spring nails are the ones you can guarantee you’ll want to try for the season!


Checkered Nails - Cute Spring Nails
source: @_karebeauty_

I will never get tired of checkered nails. They are the definition of “It” nails and these floral checkered ones scream spring in the best way possible!

You’ll love these trippy and funky nails that will be all the talk this season!

Pastel Swirls - Cute Spring Nails
source: @abby_wellner

Swirls are one of the most popular trends and are guaranteed to be a hit in 2024. You can go so many ways with a swirl design and this one is just perfect and easy to do!

Pastel Color Spring Tones
source: @pop_polished

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for pastel spring nails and this is such a creative take on them.

Paint your index and ring fingers full and give the rest of your nails a French manicure to create a subtle look you can definitely rock throughout the season!

Pink Tips With Rhinestones - Cute Spring Nails
source: @brtissnailss

This cute pink French manicure is perfect for any occasion but what makes it even better are the little rhinestones to go with it!

I think it totally takes the manicure out of the park and gives it the sparkle that looks so adorable.

Blue Nail Polish With White Daisies - Cute Spring Nails
source: @kuredstudio

How cute are these spring nails? It’s no secret that spring is all about flowers so it’s definitely worth incorporating them into your nail designs like this! This idea is simple, cute, and one you cannot go wrong with!

Floral Frenchies - Cute Spring Nails
source: @pop_polished

Let’s admit it, nothing beats a classic French manicure. Give your own springy twist to them by adding little daises around the tips that’ll look super simple yet so chick for the season!


Graduation Nails Card
Bright Summer Nails Post Card
Gold Foil Tips - Cute Spring Nails
source: @thegelbottleaus

These gold beauties look absolutely stunning and will definitely be the highlight of the season.

If you are looking to switch up from the usual spring colors for your mani, this splash of gold on the tips with a nude base will give your nails the perfect glow!

White Half-French Curves With Daisy Stickers - Spring Nails
source: @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

Love the idea of a French manicure but want something more fun and subtle? Try this half-cut French with colorful daisy stickers on each nail.

It’s cute and super simple to recreate at home without much effort from your side, so really it’s a win-win!

Bluebird Nails - Cute Spring Nails
source: @annagracenails_

Ok, how cool are these cute and funky nails? I want them on me right now!!!

Peachy Nude With Smiley Faces - Cute Spring Nails
source: @darthtater_

These soft peachy nails remind me of the summertime beaches and sunsets I am high-key obsessed with them.

If you are going for simple short spring nails this year, this cute design is the one you should 100% go for!

Sage Green Base With Black Leaves
source: @silkeauty.uk

These fern spring nails are everything!! Just a coat of sage green with black leaves will leave you with a feeling of fresh spring right on your nails! 

Pastel Abstract - Short Spring Nails
source: @marismanis

Abstract nail arts are taking over my Instagram feed lately and this is the perfect time to go all out and get creative using a variety of spring nail polish colors!

Easter Egg Nails - Spring Nails For Short Nails
source: @nailsbydannimoore

Okay, these easter egg nails are legit the cutest thing ever. You can easily achieve this look by creating tiny black specks over the mani with a thin brush.

These would be perfect to wear to an Easter brunch or even a hunt!

Blue White And Purple Cotton Candy Nails
source: @ninabrowsandbeauty

Cotton candy nails are arguably one of the cute spring nails 2023 that you just cannot resist.

I have seen a ton of these designs on my feed and love every mix of fun colors. You can’t go wrong with them!

Bright Blue Tips With Cherries
source: @lauramariabaeuty_

I simply cannot over this nail art. I mean, look at how good the cherry tips are!

This is another fun spin on the usual French mani. Now, you can add your own twist with bright colors and cherries! 

Pink Base With White Tips And Curves - Short Spring Nails
source: @silkbeauty.uk

Here is a set of ombre nails that will look good on literally every type of nail! Spice up a simple pink base by drawing wavy lines and French tips for a subtle yet classy look.

Colorful Waves With White Daisies - Cute Spring Nails
source: @pop_polished

This fun floral look is such a hot take on simple spring nails and I probably wouldn’t think twice before getting them!

They look amazing and give off the happy gloomy vibes that match the season perfectly.

Yellow Base With Lemons
source: @blushhournails

When life gives you lemons, you turn them into nail art as cute as this ;). But, seriously this is such a great design, and the color is reminding me of all the bright summer nails that will be trending very soon!

Different Shades Of Blue Waves
source: @nails_byev

These funky blue waves are a hot trend this year and they’re here to stay! Take a spin on your nails and add multiple shades of blue in waves this way for a stylish effect.

Spring Leaves On Nude Base - Spring Nails For Short Nails
source: @nailditbylauren

How freaking adorable are these spring leaves? There’s nothing like taking a walk in the park and seeing all the fresh leaves. Get these beauties on your nails with a nude base for extra effect!

Floral Abstract
source: @_karebeauty_

You just can’t get enough of abstract nail art. The color combo on this is seriously insane and worth the steal! Just in time for the spring/summer season.

White Stripes With Negative Space
source: @nails_and_soul

This nail art not only looks so classy and modern but you can easily do this at home as well!

Just add simple white arches and stripes on each nail to create a beautiful effect that will last you all throughout spring and summer. 

Colorful Rainbow Abstract
source: @sweet.as.hell.nails

Wow! I’m in awe of this amazing mix of fun colors to create abstract art like this. Told ya abstract nails never disappoint!

If you are looking to get something fun and funky with short nails, you have got to get your hands on these!

Plain Nude Pink Full Nails - Pretty Spring Nails
source: @nellnailsit

Something about getting plain full nails always looks bold. And this nude pink color is something you can totally rock for Spring!

It looks so simple yet so so pretty. It has got to be another one of the best spring nail designs out there.

Colorful Spring Flowers On White Base - Cute Spring Nails
source: @pop_polished

Spring automatically means flowers and this nail art gives off nothing but the best vibes! Draw colorful flowers on a white base for each nail to achieve this cute look that everyone will love. 

Dalmatia Nails With Pink Coat And Gold Stroke
source: @nailsbymarissas

Who would’ve thought Dalmatia nails will ever be in style? Combine it with one of your favorite pastel colors and viola! You get the best kind of spring nails that are trendy and cute!

Spring Leaves and Flowers
source: @_karebeauty_

This nail art looks so mesmerizing to the eyes. I love the choice of colors that go really well together. If you love all things spring and flowers and leaves, you should definitely get these cute spring nails!

Pink Abstract
source: @_karebeauty_
Blue Base With Black Shapes And Yellow Waves
source: @elizabthm

Who else can’t wait for the warmer weather to take over? Bring the feeling of sunshine to your fingertips with these blue beauties to show just how excited and ready you are!

Spring Nail Colors Abstracts
source: @pop_polished

Another one of the spring nail designs that shows a unique twist on abstract art! If you can’t already tell, abstract nails are winning in 2023 so definitely let this design be an inspiration at least once!

Floral And Pastel Purple Tips - Cute Spring Nails
source: @heygreatnails

Okay, this is so cute. This take on the usual French tips with flowers and pastel purple is adorable and fits perfectly. You have got to give this a try this Spring! 

Blue Base With White Daises Around Edges - Spring Nails
source: @pop_polished

It’s not cute spring nails if there aren’t any daisies to go with them. This nail art is soo pretty and I can totally see myself getting it for Spring this year! 

Black And White Tips And Cuticles
source: @bornprettyofficial

Black and white never looked this good together. Paint your tips and the edges of your cuticle for a soft yet classy look that will go with any and every outfit this season!

Wavy Nudes - Short Spring Nails
source: @nailsbymk_

A nude look will always remain a classic. Take your nail art to a whole new level with these trendy waves that will look amazing on short nails!

Subtle Blue Waves
source: @gelsbybry

Going for a soft glam this Spring? These blue waves around the edges are one of the easiest designs you can do at home!

Soft Pink Quartz Nails
source: @nailsbymk_

Can it get any better than this? There’s nothing like soft pink nail art that looks this pretty when the sun hits.

This nail design is gorgeous in its own unique way and something I can 100% guarantee you’ll get compliments for!

Brown Sparkles
source: @pop_polished

If you don’t like the usual pastel spring nail colors and want something different, this dark brown color with a bit of sparkle is all you need.

Even better if you match your nails with your favorite coffee order for the season! LOVE that idea.

Black And Purple Floral Tips
source: @maniwithsami

She’s cute, she’s pretty and it’s no secret that floral tips are here to stay. Plus, the best part is they’re super easy to recreate.

Get creative and choose from a variety of colors to bring the spring flowers right to your fingertips this way! 

Nude Pink and White Tips with Flowers
source: @get_nailed321

This simple spring nail design is soo cute!! A pink nude base with white tips and flowers will give you a simple look that still gives off the feeling of spring in the air.

Pastel Green Coat With Gold Foil
source: @tgbacademy

Spring is the perfect time for all the fun parties. Spice up a simple pastel green mani with gold foils to steal the show with this gorgeous look! 

Cute Floral Design
source: @get_nailed321

How adorable is this? It’s giving all the springy vibes I could ever want in my nails and I’m obsessed with it. Another short spring nails to die for!

Spring Tortoise Look
source: @madnails.ut

Love spring but want to get something different and unique this time? Here is a tortoise design that you will definitely want to copy! It looks so simple yet elegant and I’m in love with it. 

Cute Spring Nails
source: @topcoat_tonic
Pastel Green With Dashed Lines
source: @js.naails

A simple coat of pastel green would have looked too simple but they have taken this nail art to a whole another level by adding the dashed lines and flowers at the end. You seriously can’t go wrong with the details, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Colorful Double French Tips
source: @bycheznails

How freaking perfect is this? It’s such a creative to use a bunch of different colors!

Try choosing two complimentary spring colors for each tip and glide them in opposite ways to achieve this look.

Butterfly Stickers On Pink Base
source: @overglowedit

Who doesn’t love butterflies? This nail design is soo pretty and cute, it will last you the entirety of summer as well! All you need is a pink coat and butterfly stickers for this!  

Springtime Plaid Nails
source: @_studiosaku_

I think we can all agree that picnic vibes during springtime are seriously unmatched.

If you love the feeling of the picnic as much as the next person, draw grid lines across your nails using trending pastel colors to be a spring picnic ready any day!

These were all the cute spring nails 2024 that you should definitely give a try.

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