34 Beautiful Fireplace Ideas for Cozy Warmth All Year Long


A fireplace can add architectural interest and warmth to any room. Create a cozy retreat with fireplace ideas that add comfort and character to your home. Whether remodeling an old fireplace or designing one from scratch, you’ll find inspiration in these beautifully designed fireplaces.

Kim Cornelison

The fireplace often serves as the main feature of a room. Cement its focal point status with fireplace ideas that instantly draw attention. The symmetrically placed furniture, light fixtures, and mantel decor in this living room help direct eyes toward the large fireplace. The simple, balanced design achieves a clean look that still feels cozy.

Tria Giovan

This tiled fireplace design corresponds with the room’s high-contrast color palette and eclectic style, creating a striking and cohesive look. The fireplace mantel seamlessly connects to built-in shelves on either side since it’s painted the same color as the walls and window trim. On the surround, white tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern stand out against the dark gray backdrop.

John Bessler

Even small fireplace ideas can have a big impact. This narrow fireplace features an electric insert framed by white-painted bricks stretching to the ceiling. Mounting the mantel at eye level is a fireplace idea that helps the walls in this small living room appear taller.

David A. Land

Branch out from brick and try tile on your fireplace surround. Tile is available in nearly unlimited colors and styles and can bring a distinct look to a dull surround. Consult your local tile shop or masonry pro to determine what materials and applications best suit your fireplace.

Annie Schlechter

Turn a dark fireplace wall into a crisp focal point with paint. Especially in rooms with low ceilings, a dark fireplace can make a room feel cavelike and dated.

To paint a brick fireplace: Clean the surface with a wire brush and non-sudsy trisodium phosphate (TSP) to loosen grime, following the instructions on the package. Next, apply a stain-blocking primer to hide any soot stains. After the primer is dry, paint the fireplace. Remember that high-gloss paints will resist soot, and high-temperature paints can be used on metal surrounds but not inside the firebox.

Stacy Goldberg

A simple fireplace makeover can begin with items you already have in your home. Shop your existing inventory of accessories and display a few on your mantel for a quick, no-cost refresh. Houseplants, candlesticks, framed artwork, mirrors, and decorative vases can all work beautifully as fireplace mantel decor.

David Tsay

A simple white fireplace design contributes to this room’s bright, clean look. The classic millwork and shallow mantel, underscored by a colorful antique rug, set a traditional tone. However, sparse mantel decor and contemporary furnishings introduce a modern character for a distinctive mix of styles.

Brie Williams

Farmhouse-style simplicity is the key to this white fireplace idea. The stone accent wall received a coat of white paint for a cleaner look, but its rugged texture stays in step with the room’s rustic aesthetic. A live-edge, floating wood mantel introduces even more natural charm and provides a stylish perch for vintage accessories.

David Land

Incorporate the luxurious look of marble into your fireplace design. A French-style marble mantel exudes casual elegance in this living room when paired with white-painted paneling and neutral furnishings. In addition, the shapely mantel design provides a sophisticated perch for a collection of accessories.

Kritsada Panichgul

Integrating firewood storage is a space-saving fireplace idea that ensures you’re always ready to throw another log on the flames. Storing firewood in a nook beside the fireplace eliminates the need to find a place for the wood elsewhere. The logs will also introduce a natural element and add texture to the room.

Anthony Masterson

Painting your fireplace mantel can completely change the feel of a room. This traditional fireplace received a sleek update with a few coats of dark teal paint. The high-gloss finish mimics the shine of the glass tile surround and mirror mounted above.

Anthony Masterson 

Colorful accessories contrast this fireplace’s white brick hearth and walls, giving the living room a cozy, cottage-style look. Pastoral artwork, brilliant blue vases, and other collected accents fill the mantel and adjacent shelves to establish a brightly-hued palette. Driftwood fills the firebox to hint at warm fires even when it’s not lit.

Robert Brinson

White built-ins lighten the look of this slate-tiled fireplace. A wood mantel nods to wood tones repeated elsewhere in the room, but its simple design keeps the focus on the stunning slate. The sofa faces the French doors to maximize the views while offering a comfy spot to take in the fireplace and view the TV.

Werner Straube

The limestone fireplace is the focal point of this warm, comfortable living room, featuring an elevated stone hearth and a white wraparound mantel. The fireplace mantel design contrasts the stone surround and corresponds with the pops of white throughout the room. Furnishings in grays and light taupes reflect the natural tones in the fireplace for a cohesive look.

Edmund Barr

Glossy black paint dresses up this non-working fireplace. Including a few black accessories throughout the room helps ease the transition between the striking black facade and the surrounding white walls. Potted plants, including vibrant pink orchids, introduce color and organic appeal.

Tria Giovan

This white fireplace and built-in storage units become a natural anchor for the living room’s furniture arrangement. White sofas and chairs arranged in a U shape are positioned to have a view of the fireplace. White paint unites the built-ins and fireplace mantel with the rest of the room’s color scheme. A black fireplace surround adds stark contrast, softened through the repetition of the black lanterns on the shelves and dark furniture legs.

Anthony Masterson

This fireplace idea stands out for its understated yet glamorous approach to design. Solid brass andirons in the shape of fish and an oversize mirror bring an ornate touch to the white brick fireplace. Without a mantel to interrupt the neat lines of the brick, the overall effect is simple and elegant.

John Bessler

Details make this ordinary fireplace design stand out. Fluted columns support the substantial, stepped cornice mantelpiece to establish classic appeal. Soft mint green walls add subtle color that beautifully coordinates with the artwork above the mantel. A fireplace screen adds an extra layer of detail.

Laura Hull

Open floor plans are a staple of modern homes but can sometimes limit the cozy factor. Rather than being built into a room-length wall, this fireplace idea stations it in the center of the room, creating a room divider that still leaves the two living spaces open to one another. Varying dark gray tones add dimension to the fireplace, juxtaposing the light, cheery colors in the rest of the room and helping create a thoroughly modern look.

Michael Garland

A carved wooden mantelpiece brings warmth and natural character to this modern living room. The dark wood tone contrasts the white space, introducing a calm, homey feel rather than a stark, contemporary look. Black mantel accessories and framed artwork above the fireplace repeat the rich tones of the fireplace, creating a sense of rhythm in the living room.

Beth Singer

Maintain a sleek, clean look by recessing your TV into the wall above your fireplace. Work with an electrician to relocate or add outlets so you can plug the TV in behind the unit rather than having the cords hang down in front of the fireplace. This television closely mirrors the firebox dimensions below, creating a sense of balance.

Robert Brinson

A fireplace makes this screened-in porch comfortable no matter the season. The cultured stone veneer on the fireplace is a lightweight alternative that offers all the aesthetic properties of the actual stone. Variegated tones and textures match the room’s neutral color palette and add dimension. Soaring from floor to ceiling, the fireplace accentuates the room’s height.

Werner Straube

Make a statement with simple yet stunning fireplace ideas. Dressed in smooth granite, this modern fireplace idea skips the mantel and ornamentation altogether. Incorporating wood tones and plush fabrics softens the look of the stone and makes the living room feel less severe.

Michael Partenio

A simple white fireplace is a perfect addition to this quaint, pastel-toned living room. The comfortable warmth the fireplace adds complements the light colors and cottage style, adding a cheery and cozy feel to the room.

Deeply grooved paneling, rafters, scalloped arches, and other architectural features are bathed in white, and the fireplace falls in line for a uniform look. In addition, the white brick fireplace surround and large, stately mantel add to the homey warmth and ensure the fireplace is not lost in the lofty expanse of the living room.

Michael Garland

Building a mantel from salvaged materials is eco-friendly and gives the fireplace an aged, one-of-a-kind look. Here, a barn beam is used as a rustic floating mantel. The sleek, contemporary fireplace paired with the wood mantel gives the room a cozy feel that seamlessly incorporates the best of old and new.

Richard Leo Johnson

A simple fireplace idea puts the finishing touch on this dining room. The white-washed, aged wood of the fireplace surround blends into the room’s neutral color palette, while the dark firebox and hearth are a break in the monochromatic scheme. Bucolic wallpaper envelops the room, and the part of the pattern positioned above the fireplace mimics the look of a landscape painting.

Michael Partenio

Red brick is a classic fireplace idea that lends a stately appearance. But if you want to create a lighter look, pair the crimson material with light-color walls. Here, white board-and-batten walls mesh with a traditional brick fireplace surround to create a high-contrast effect.

Stacey Brandford

Ornate fireplace designs evoke old-world style. Here, a carved limestone fireplace surround gives the room a feeling of regal elegance. An understated mirror tops the antique mantel for simplicity, reflecting light and keeping the space open and airy.

Michael Partenio

Mantels typically measure the same length as the fireplace surround, but this modern living area called for a different arrangement. Because the fireplace isn’t centered on the wall, the mantel was extended to add visual interest beyond the surround. Lofty branches arranged in a vase lead the eye upward to emphasize the room’s soaring ceiling. Accessories of varying heights across the rest of the mantel balance the tall greenery.

Ed Gohlich

This fireplace idea proves simplicity can be stunning. Stone installed along an entire wall commands attention in this light, neutral living room. The simple fireplace consists only of a firebox, leaving out a surround and mantel, allowing the stonework’s details to shine.

The neutral furniture, wall color, and decor were carefully selected to not distract from the multitone stones. Blue accessories pick up on the gray-blue rocks scattered through the stonework, adding dimension to the neutral room.

Jean Allsopp

This white fireplace design is an elegant frame for a distinctive black firebox. The lack of a mantel ensures that the dark firebox is the focus. Lantern-like fixtures on the sides of the hearth and the coffee table in the center of the room repeat the black of the firebox, giving it a cohesive look.

Mark Lohman

A 300-year-old mantel is a stately focal point in this Tuscan-inspired living room, where curves and decorative details are key features. The fireplace’s large, open firebox creates an even greater dramatic flourish. Details throughout the room, such as the antique furnishings, warm color palette, and mix of patterns, set the perfect scene as the old-world mantel’s new home.

Similar curves in the flower-like design on the black gate separate the firebox from the rest of the room. Curved molding around the base of the mantel adds detail and elegance.

Alise O’Brien

A fireplace adds a comfortable, homey feel to this outdoor patio. The stone fireplace and walls contrast the wooden beams and ceiling but remain in step with the cozy, natural look. A narrow, raised hearth gives the fireplace a traditional look that takes up less floor space, leaving room for a wider walkway. A mantel fabricated in the same stone as the fireplace provides space for simple decoration without being too overbearing.

Brie Williams

This fireplace, stretching from the lofted ceiling to the floor, boasts gorgeous stonework and a striking yet simple wood mantel. A tall metal door, which rests on the wooden mantel as art, accentuates the fireplace’s prominent, grand appearance. A metallic frame and solid band of stone subtly define the firebox.

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