25 Beautiful Black And White Nails You Can Wear All Year Long


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Get classy with these chic black and white nails! Discover timeless nail art ideas and designs for a monochrome manicure that’s both elegant and edgy.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching manicure, you don’t always have to go for bold neon colors to achieve a dramatic look. Black and white nails can be equally fun, as the contrast between the two colors is so striking.

Whether you’re aiming for a classic, simple design, or you want to experiment with trendy styles like daisies or abstract patterns, the possibilities are endless. To get you started, below are 25 black and white nail designs perfect for your next salon appointment.

The Best Black And White Nails To Wear

1. The gold road

This half-white, half-black manicure is perfect if you never know which color to go for. Adding a touch of gold makes it perfect for the party season!

2. Flower girl

Florals are a perfect nail art design all year round. If you’re someone who experiments with many colors, going for flowers in black and white ensures they always match your outfit.

3. The Frenchie

This French manicure is the perfect example of how to incorporate black and white in a manicure whilst still being fun.

4. Abstract

Abstract manicures like these are popular, and extremely easy to DIY at home with the correct tools. Simply create irregular shapes on all nails and outline them with black.

5. Short and sweet

Short nails are now favored over long nails, which is a 180 from what has been trending for the last 5 years. Not only are they generally more practical, but you can also get away with bolder nail art on a short nail.

6. Half & half

Committing to a color is a decision we all dread at the nail salon. Going for a “half & half” manicure like this takes the pain out of that decision, and still looks super cute!

8. A brush stroke

This design looks complex but is super easy to do at home with a paintbrush or old makeup brush. Simply take all your colors and swipe down the nail, allow it to dry, and apply a clear top coat. For added metallic flair, add gold chrome powder to your manicure to enhance the mirror-like look of your gold polish.

8. French Riviera

This manicure feels super chic, and appropriate for a holiday by the French Riverie (extremely fitting considering it is a fresh take on a French manicure.)

9. Basic Base

This proves minimal manicures don’t have to be boring. This fresh take on a floral manicure in monotone colors works beautifully against a neutral base.

10. Alternative French

A French manicure, but different. This abstract take on a French manicure is complex but easy to do at home with a bobby pin by dotting the flower design on the tips of your nails.

11. All the lovers

Hearts are an adorable nail design. Not only are they feminine but can be as toned-down or statement as they want depending on the size and colors.

12. Everything, all at once

If you like a bit of everything, this nail art design should be your next go-to. Though it is busy, keeping the tones the same with black and white polish keeps it chic.

13. Wave after wave

This manicure is like an ambiguous image, some see roses whereas some see waves. Either way, this stunning, simple nail art is perfect for all the minimal girlies.

14. Looped in

This abstract nail art design shows the best bright tones of white and dark tones of black. Adding bright gold over top makes this a great holiday manicure.

15. Black or White?

If you can’t make a decision between black or white, why not go for both? This array of assorted nail art looks super cool, but still chic in monochrome.

16. Hawaiian punch

This floral design is reminiscent of a Hawaiian floral shirt, making it perfect for vacation – or just to brighten up your winter looks.

17. Leave a tip

Sometimes all it takes to amp up a look is a good French tip. It’s chic and elegant, but doesn’t have to be boring – and this is the perfect example.

18. In a shell

Another manicure perfect for a vacation is this seashell-inspired nail art design. The use of gold tones elevates the manicure whilst the plain white nails keep it looking clean.

19. Best of both

Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? This half-and-half manicure isn’t as intense as the previous one we showed and is perfect for minimalists.

20. Golden Ocean

Black and white tipped nails with gold design

via @thehotblend

This manicure looks like a tide coming in, except the sea foam is replaced with gold. Whether you veer on the side of white or black, either will look beautiful.

21. Eye spy

Nails are a perfect way to incorporate some personality into your look, particularly if you work in a corporate environment and are unable to do this through your outfits.

22. Dainty daisy

Adding dainty flowers to your manicure has never been easier, or cuter! Using a dotting tool or bobby pin, add this to a nude base color or a French manicure.

23. Strawberry Girls

Hailey Bieber has converted us all into Strawberry girls, and this fruit nail art proves it. Adding a hint of color to a black and white manicure goes a long way, and can emphasize the beautiful bold tones.

24. Love River

This fluid nail art design with heart motifs works year-round. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or you’re just feeling the love any time of year, this is the one for you!

25. Wet paint

Nail art designs that make you look twice are our favorites! This wet paint-inspired look is one for all the fashion girlies!

Have you found your next black and white nail design on this post? We hope you did!

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