23 Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas for Every Style


Designing a kids bathroom is an opportunity to have fun with decor and design elements. Because it’s a smaller space that guests might not use, a kids bathroom is a great place to take aesthetic risks and incorporate your children’s tastes. The key is to balance playfulness with timeless elements so that your kids don’t outgrow the space too quickly.

There should also be a practical focus when approaching kids bathroom decor, so that children have easy access to the things they need, and adults helping out have a comfortable experience. Gain inspiration from the following kids bathroom ideas that show how you can attain a fun aesthetic with accessibility and ever-changing tastes in mind.

Julie Soefer

Colorful kids bathroom accessories, such as a funky bath mat and vibrant towels, make an otherwise neutral room feel playful without shouting it from the rooftops. These elements are also easy and affordable to swap out as your child’s tastes change.

Werner Straube

For a timeless kids bathroom, hint at a theme without being literal. Here, wavy concrete tiles and a mirror with rope details nod to a nautical theme. A basket on the floor allows kids to easily access or put away towels without needing help from an adult.

David A Land

The whimsical dog-themed wallpaper in this kids bathroom features a neutral palette that will stand the test of time. Paired with subway tile and a marble vanity, the black-and-white kids bathroom color scheme creates a classic foundation that can be updated with accessories as tastes change.

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

This kids bathroom plays on sophisticated shades of primary colors for a joyful look that’s thoughtfully designed. The nautical wallpaper might nod to a current interest, but it’s timeless enough to look good years down the line. Look for accessories, like the shell mirror used here, that are playful but not from the kids section.

Dominique Vorillon

Painting a cast iron tub or sink adds a playful splash of color in a kids bathroom, and it’s easy to achieve. Clean and sand the surface before using an oil-based primer and paint.

Anne D. Schlechter

Using colored grout is a unique way to add color to a kids bathroom without committing to a bold tile or paint color. The pale pink grout here matches the soft blush tile in the walk-in shower and adds subtle color to the otherwise all-white room.

Adam Albright

A kids bathroom is a great place to be theatrical, as shown in this Parisian-style water closet. With a subway tile backsplash and neutral marble-topped vanity, the room will age effortlessly, but it still reads ‘kid’ thanks to more playful touches, like the bobbin-framed mirrors and buffalo check floor tile.

Jay Wilde

A small kids bathroom is an opportunity to showcase bold patterned wallpaper, as limited wall space means you won’t need to spend too much. This blue geometric pattern plays nicely off the gridlines of the surrounding subway tile and hexagonal floor tile.

Tria Giovan

Get creative with the step stool in your child’s bathroom—after all, it won’t be needed forever. In this blue kids bathroom, an antique industrial stool gives children a boost now and can easily be repurposed elsewhere when needed.

James Nathan Schroder

Use your kid’s favorite color in a muted tone to give their bathroom longevity. Repeat the color in bathroom accessories, such as the trash can or mirror, which can be changed out affordably if tastes change.

Marty Baldwin

Help kids foster independence by keeping bathroom essentials in sight and in reach. Here, a storage table with labeled bins provides easy access to everything kids need. Two hampers provide additional kids bathroom storage and allow little ones to help with laundry day.

David A Land

If you want your kids bathroom decor to be playful without going overboard, choose two to three colors, and use a color wheel to guide your palette. Here, complementary cobalt blue and Kelly green stand out against white walls. Keeping the colors toward the floor grounds the space and visually expands the small room.

Robert Brinson

The built-in drawers in this child’s bathroom do the work of a vanity while providing accessible storage for young kids. Look for a small chest or credenza to serve a similar function if something custom isn’t an option. Two faucets and towel hooks let multiple children have a spot of their own.

Edmund Barr

Make a neutral bathroom kid-friendly by adding colorful accessories, like the red and blue towels, art, and storage canisters here. If you have the option, a vanity with open shelves is easier for kids to access when grabbing towels.

Cameron Sadeghpour

Labeled bins on open shelving are the perfect kids bathroom accessory. The bins corral mess, and you can help prevent unwanted “sharing” by giving each child their own.

Kimberly Gavin

Update a builder-grade bathroom with paint and personalized accessories to create a welcoming space without structural changes. Soothing paint colors on the vanity and mirror provide a backdrop for more vibrant accents. Soft gray painted raindrops decorate the walls. If you don’t want to use wallpaper in a kids bathroom, hand-paint a pattern or use a stencil.

Anthony Masterson

Always keep accessibility in mind when decorating a kids bathroom. The height of this step stool makes it easy for little ones to reach vessel sinks. Open vanity storage keeps towels at the ready for bath time.

John Granen

Flexibility is a key consideration when designing a kids bathroom. A low counter that’s easy to reach for young kids becomes the perfect spot for a vanity when they’re teens. The stool used at bath time works perfectly under a vanity when no longer needed by the tub.

Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Make up for a lack of built-in storage with vertical bathroom storage that’s the perfect solution for kids. With daily bathroom essentials in sight, kids will be more independent and more likely to put things back.

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Limit mess in your child’s bathroom by creating hardworking vanity storage. Use shallow, easy-pull drawers with labels to set your kids up for organizing success. Designate a spot for hand towels and washcloths, as well as hair accessories and toiletries.

Kritsada Panichgul

Let your creative kid take the reins and design a custom wallpaper look in their bathroom. A wood vanity and neutral accessories balance this hand-painted face design on the walls. Black accents in the tile and vanity hardware tie in the dramatic wall color.

Laura Moss

No vanity? No problem. In this nautical-themed kids bathroom, flexible, open storage, including a basket and woven bath stool that doubles as a shelf for towels, makes the most of the area around a wall-mounted sink.

David A Land

Get your kids involved when choosing a shower curtain. Select several that match the bathroom accessories, and let your kids make the final choice. Here, a sunny shower curtain complements green walls and matches bathroom decor items, including storage and wall art.

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