20 Blow-Minding Fall Container Backyard Ideas


Just because fall is upon us doesn’t mean that you can’t add color and life to the front porch of your house.  With these fall porch decorating ideas, you can bring color and curb appeal to the front of your home with strategically-placed pots and decorations.

To start sprucing up the front entryway, I always like to start with fall planters of varying colors, shapes, and sizes.  This brings colors and textures to the area even before adding plants.  Consider placing the pots in clusters of three (odd groupings look better than even clusters).  Also, utilize the stairs for added height variations and try stacking smaller pots on top of larger pots. When you are happy with how your pots are arranged, it is time to add plants to the mix. I like to use hearty plants like pansies, mums, ornamental kale and cabbage and ornamental grasses to help enhance the natural decor of the season.

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