18 Pink Aura Nail Ideas That Put a Pretty Twist on the Dreamy Manicure


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It’s safe to say aura nails have become one of the most popular manicure trends over the last year; they’re always all over our feed. Inspired by energy-detecting aura photography, this buzzy nail look features hazy orbs of color in the center of the nail. While some aura manis feature different mood-inspired colors on each nail, others focus on anchoring the ethereal nail look with one main hue. And lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of stunning examples that fall into the latter category. In particular, we’ve spotted tons of pink aura manicures that have made us do a double take. We’ve rounded up 18 of our favorites below.

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@phoebesummernails / Instagram

First up, this gorgeous bubblegum pink aura manicure. We love how the nail artist added hand-painted teeny white cartoon sparkles to the look. The intricate nail art gives this mani an even more magical feel.

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@nailsbyzola / Instagram

If you love a nude nail but want a pop of color, consider this approach. Adding airbrushed fuschia orbs on top makes the manicure really stand out.

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@overglowedit / Instagram

Pink and purple are a dreamy color combo, so this lavender and hot pink aura nail look was an instant win in our book. The rhinestone and star accents are gorgeous finishing touches.

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The orange and pink aura center is reminiscent of a summer sunset mani. Add your favorite angel numbers to the manicure to make the look feel even more magical.

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Square nails are back in style, so if you’re looking for a reason to try the shape, this pink and orange aura mani is it. The chrome sunbursts and dots really take this eye-catching nail look up another notch.

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Here’s further proof that chrome details pair incredibly well with pink aura nails. This manicure also shows that the aura accent doesn’t have to be centered in the middle of the nail to turn heads. Applying it to the tips makes just as much of an impact.

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@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

Adding white sparkles and dots to an aura manicure just makes sense—it’s such a dreamy look, after all. You can DIY the look with Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($13) in the shades Rose Jelly, XOXO Jelly, and Carpe Diem.

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If you don’t have the patience to hand paint your sparkle accents, consider decals, like the Somal Star Nail Art Stickers ($8). As for the polish color here, it’s Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish in the shade Rose BB Cream ($20).

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@disseynails / Instagram

We love an ultra-bright pink aura mani. You can achieve the hot pink center using Salon Perfect Nail Polish ($5) in the shade Oh Snap.

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@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

We love how this pink aura nail look is a bit of an illusion. With artfully layered pale pink nail art that matches the aura base, it almost looks like nail cutouts. Achieve this chic mani using Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($13) in the shades Candy Girl, Clueless, and Fill Me In.

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@overglowedit / Instagram

This pearly pink and white aura nail look feels so nostalgic. It’s giving Barbie, Polly Pocket, and Sky Dancers all at once. Use Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish ($20) in Freshwater Pearl and Rose Water to bring this manicure to life.

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If you love the idea of a shimmery pink aura nail, this iridescent hot pink iteration is right up your alley. Use Gelcare UV Nail Polish ($20) in the shades Nude BB Cream and Cherry Jello.

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@overglowedit / Instagram

If you like the idea of a neutral base but still want to get in on all the sparkle and shine, recreate this pink aura nail look. You’ll need the Beetles Nail Blooming Gel ($20) and Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish ($20) in Jelly Pink and Acai Berry to achieve the look. The rhinestones are the Cirque Colors Starry Night Charms ($10) in silver.

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@heluviee / Instagram

For minimalists looking to experiment with the trend, try this ultra-subtle pink aura nail look. You’ll want to apply OPI Put It in Neutral ($12) as the base, and then airbrush the pink centers on.

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@trillanails / Instagram

Pink and green pair perfectly together—and this aura nail look is proof. Add twinkling white stars and rhinestones to enhance the gorgeous mani even more.

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If you need another reason to try a pink and green aura manicure, this is it. To perfect your neon green French tips, make sure you have the Orly Half Moon Guides ($6) on hand.

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