15 Refreshing Mint Nails That Are Easy On The Eyes

Pastel hues are a quintessential part of any classic spring manicure, and while lavender has become the go-to color for trendy y2k-inspired nail art, there are so many lovely pastel shades to play around with. One of these often-forgotten colors is mint green.

This cool-toned green can add a refreshing, yet whimsical touch to your overall look that is easy to coordinate with various outfits thanks to its subtle color. This color is also easy on the eyes, making it a great choice for those who want a delicate and understated nail look. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next mani appointment, these 15 chic takes on the color are worth a try.

15 Dreamy Mint Nails To Recreate

1. Half French

This fresh take on a French nail is so chic and a great way to incorporate mint into your everyday nails. Add silver detailing to make the mint really pop on your next manicure.

2. Peppermint Splatters

These simple negative space nails are perfect for trendy spring looks for girlies who love abstract designs. Play around with mint and white and add swirl detailing on different parts of the nail to achieve this fresh manicure.

3. Mint x Nude

This design is easy enough to try at home if you don’t have time to make your next mani appointment. Just paint your nails with alternating nude, mint and glitter polish.

4. Floral Motifs

We are big fans of this mint and floral manicure. While matte nails haven’t been on trend for some time, we can’t see why – this delicate floral design is just beautiful!

5. Negative Space

The verdict is out, we love a great negative space manicure! They can be equally eye-catching or minimalist – it’s your choice. To opt for a minimalist look, paint the outlines of your nails with just a mint green nail polish, and to add some drama, combine it with gold chrome.

6. Mint Magic

Can’t decide if you want nude, mint, or glitter nails? Play around with all three to create this magical mint nail design.

Paint your thumb and index finger with mint or turquoise nail polish, then create a milky base for your middle and ring fingers. Finish the look by adding mint-colored glitter on one of the milky nails, and go for full sparkle on your pinky finger.

7. Candy Swirls

Swap out your classic French tips for these swirly details. We love this asymmetrical candy-inspired design, which looks especially gorgeous in mint, white and blue hues.

8. Prim & Proper

These nails are a must-try for your next special occasion. Almond-shaped nails have been the go-to nail silhouette for the last few years, but you can also recreate this look on short nails if you’re looking for a practical manicure. It’s the perfect look for a modern wedding nail if you don’t want to opt for white nails.

9. Jade Gemstones

If you want to change it up a bit and go for a lighter shade of mint, try this marbled manicure that’s reminiscent of a jade stone. Leave it to the pros as this look can be difficult to achieve at home!

10. mix & match

Why choose one trend when you can combine multiple? Play around with pale, wintery hues to create your base, and then add white nail art in the form of florals or snowflakes, if you’re after a wintery vibe. Lastly, add dainty crystals to elevate your final look.

11. Mint Glitter

Play around with glitter to elevate a classic mint green mani. While glitter can be overpowering if you apply it to all your nails, adding it to a few will do the trick.

12. abstract

Simplicity is elegance, and these mint nails are exactly that. Start with a clear base and play around with mint and blue hues, painting your swirls with angular strokes on some nails that go well with French tip designs on your other nails.

13. Iced Out

These icy mint nails are a great choice for a winter manicure if you’re looking for something out of the box. Paint a few of your nails with solid white and mint nail polish, and leave the middle nails bare using a clear polish. Then, add a few swirling shapes to them, using mint polishes with an opaque or glittered finish – so chic!

14. Half & Half

Mint green nails with silver glitter

via @ricekittynails

Try out these sparkling half & half nails next time you want to make a subtle statement. Start off with a nude base, and from there use glittered nail polish to create your subtle accent nail. As for the remaining four nails, opt for a half-bare, half-mint design. Finish the look with champagne gold and white lines across your nail bed.

15. Winter Wonderland

This is such a simple yet adorable manicure. To achieve this wintery look, paint your thumb, index and middle finger using light mint green nail polish. From there, paint your ring and little finger with clear polish, and add a heavy dose of blue glitter to your pinky. As for your ring finger, combine glitter with your opaque nail polish in a swirling pattern.

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