15 Best Cat Products Your Cat Needs to Have (2023)


In my opinion, every home needs a cat and every cat needs a home – with some of the best cat products possible. They bring a fluffy, purring kind of love to your house and offer a special kind of relationship.

Cats are generally quite easy-going and independent. They often seem much less needy than dogs, and can sometimes act a little less doting as well. But the truth is that cats are just as warm and offer great companionship to their cat owners.

two kittens in a cat bed

So how can you make your home comfortable for your cat? Here’s a full guide of everything you need at home for your feline friend.

mix of colourful best cat products
Some of the best cat products to buy

While it’s true that cats are drawn the most to seemingly strange things, like an empty cardboard box, they still need a few basic items.

Aside from the additions to your monthly grocery list, like cat food, cat litter, and of course, treats, here are a few items you can purchase before your kitty arrives. These will ensure your cat has a comfy home environment.

Of course, the first two things you’ll need for the addition to your family are a cat food bowl and a cat water bowl. Your options are endless here so that you can go crazy with your own style and preferences.

two Scottish kittens lap milk from bowl

An important thing to keep in mind, though, is that cats are much fonder of food bowls that are shallow and wide. It’s also better to give them bowls that aren’t plastic, so stainless steel, glass, and ceramic cat bowls are best if possible.

Etsy has some fantastic stylish cat products – check out their gorgeous Cat Bowls

One of the key best cat products to get is a kitty litter box. These can seem unpleasant to keep around the house, but if you have a cat, chances are you’ll need a litter box.

white enclosed stylish kitty litter box
Love this stylish white cat litter box from Etsy

Some adult cats become very well house-trained and prefer to go outside, but older cats and sickly ones tend to stay indoors more. Thankfully, there are options available outside of the usual plain plastic tray.

You can get a hooded cat litter box to avoid scattered litter and give your kitty some privacy (although make sure it’s large enough that your cat doesn’t feel cramped). And those living in apartments and small spaces can get a cat litter disposal system to keep your home smelling fresh.

Cats love to sleep. And they have a knack for finding the comfiest spot in the house, sometimes that’s your lap, and other times it’s a quiet corner that nobody else knows about.

So do they need a cat bed?

While you may not find your cat in their bed very often, it’s still a good idea to have a safe and warm spot for them. Find a quiet place to put the cat bed, and layer it with a fluffy blanket.

You may be surprised to find them curled up and snoring on a rainy day. It is nice for your cat to have a lovely home, like finding the best rabbit cage for other furry pets you may own.

woven cat bed

Tip: If you have an indoor cat, giving them a spot near a window allows them to watch the outside world without actually being outside.

grey cat in beige cat bed
A soft bed is one of the most important best cat products

Collars are not only cute cat accessories, but they also help keep them safe. If your kitty decides to wander off, and a neighbor finds them, a cat ID tag with your name and number will help them return your pet safely.

Cats’ collars often come with bells, which keep birds safe in your garden, but can also alert you to where your kitten is (which is also helpful in avoiding stepping back onto tails and paws). Just make sure that the cat collar is not too tight or too loose. And it should be a quick-release or break-away collar, for safety.

tartan cat collar

Your cat may resist wearing a collar, but if you get them used to it from the start, it’ll be part of their lives soon enough.

Even if your cat is not a keen traveler, you’ll no doubt need to take it for vet check-ups, and emergencies do happen. Having a travel cat carrier from day one means you’ll be prepared when you do need it, and it is one of the best cat products you can buy.

There are plenty of cat carriers available, and the best cat product for you will depend on your cat and travel needs. Some are great for routine vet check-ups, and others are better suited for longer trips.

cat backpack carrier
Love the colour scheme of this cat backpack

If you and your feline companion are going to discover the world together, then a cat-carry backpack is cute and practical.

Cats are groomers. They groom themselves, each other, and, at times, even you, if you sit still long enough. But there are still some things they can’t do themselves, like trimming their nails.

Safety cat nail clippers will ensure you can easily trim their nails at home – although pet groomers can do this if you’re uncomfortable with it. And for long- and medium-haired cats, a good brush once a day will mean less shedding and a prettier coat.

cats nails being clipped

Dental hygiene is also important for your cat, so a kitty-style toothbrush is another essential item to tick off your checklist. You can brush your cat’s teeth a few times a week.

If you have an outdoor cat, I’d suggest a cat flap for your door, if possible. This prevents your cat from being locked outside and means you don’t have to keep a window open to let the cold in.

ginger cat playing with a toy Image by DarkWorkX on Pixabay 2

Once you have the basics, you can start with the fun shopping! Cats, especially kittens, are playful creatures and need stimulation throughout their day. While they’ll no doubt find many everyday items to play with, it’s a good idea to get them a few of their own toys.

Most cats will scratch whatever is available to them. This can sometimes mean doom for your couches, curtains, and rugs.

This is a natural instinct for them, and so it’s difficult to deter them from the habit completely. So why not give them an inviting cat scratch post, designed for them to claw, scratch, and play on to their heart’s desire.

beige cat scratcher
This is my cat scratcher – I love how it coordinates with my home

These come in many forms, from the typical standing post to the scratchpad, and even a more luxurious version, the cat scratcher lounger.

Tip: If you have more than one kitty, getting a cat tree will save you space and money, as it’ll be a bed, playground, and scratch post all in one.

This harmless, happiness-inducing plant can make many cats go a little crazy. Not every cat is affected by catnip, but for those who are, buying catnip toys (or making your own) is a great idea.

Orange cat sniffing dried catnip

The effects on cats from catnip are usually entertaining to watch and don’t cause any harm. So buying a bag of catnip for your cat to enjoy is perfectly acceptable, if not expected. But it doesn’t have any effect on kittens younger than six months.

How do you keep a furry ball of curious energy busy all day? Cat Toys, and lots of them. As we mentioned above, toys with catnip in them are a popular choice as are cat light feather toys and items that move around easily.

cat feather etsy 1

Much like the bed, some cats may not warm to their toys immediately, and many may find household items to play with instead. But you probably don’t want to lose your ball of wool or have milk bottle tops go missing whenever you put them down. It just takes some time playing with your cat for them to realize the toys are theirs.

Cats like to chase, pounce, and bat things back and forth. So anything small, light, and similar to what would be their prey in the wild is great.

If you have a kitten with more energy than most, it may be time to bring out the more sophisticated toys. While I’m sure every cat owner would love to spend hours playing with their pets; unfortunately, work and other life responsibilities get in the way. This is where interactive cat games come in handy.

cat puzzle toy

These are often battery operated and can keep your cat busy for hours. There’s even an automatic cat laser pointer! Although some are simple interactive puzzle games for your cat, with balls and other pieces that they can move, catch, and chase.

Ginger cat licking its paw

Bringing a cat home for the first time is exciting and sometimes nerve-racking. Most felines are low-maintenance and simply require love, food, and a warm place to sleep. (www.jonesaroundtheworld.com) But there are a few cool things for cats that you can buy to make them more comfortable.

Fortunately, the amount of cat accessories you can buy is almost endless. You can find collars, toys, beds, and bowls in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. That’s where the fun comes in.

modern cat scratcher with black cat
How cool is this cat scratcher?

Once you’re prepared for your new pet, and they arrive at home, all that’s left is to start forming the bond that will last for years to come. Oh, and picking a cute name, of course.

Please Note: This best cat products post contains affiliate links. That means if you click through on most of the links and end up making a purchase I will receive a small commission. This will not effect the price that you pay. I wanted to make sure that you were aware of this.

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