12 Squoval Manicure Ideas That Prove It’s a Flattering Nail Shape on Everyone

brown swirl manicure

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There are so many nail shapes to choose from. While squarecoffin, and almond are among the most popular, squoval nails deserve some shine, too. As its name suggests, squoval nails are a beautiful combination of square and oval nails. They’re usually slightly longer than the nail bed and feature a squared shape with rounded corners and a flat top edge.

Lately, we’ve spotted more squoval nails on our feed. So, of course, we had to round up the best manis we’ve seen so far. Ready to try the shape on for size? Ahead, find 12 squoval nail ideas.

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Velvet Rainbow

Velvet Rainbow manicure

@yo_keshh / instagram

Velvet nails have become extremely popular in 2023, and this ombre rainbow set instantly captured our attention when we saw it on our feed. To achieve this eye-catching squoval manicure, you’ll likely need to enlist the help of a professional nail artist. When booking, just make sure they have the ability to perfect the velvet nail look.

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Red Marble

Red Marble manicure

@chalkboardnails / instagram

Spicy red marble nails are a fun option to wear year-round. To DIY this squoval nail look, brush up on how to create water marble nails at home. Then, use your newfound knowledge with the polish colors of your choice.

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Ombre Flames

Ombre Flames manicure

@yo_keshh / instagram

Flame nail art has been popping up left and right. What makes this flame nail look so special, though, is its ombré design that pops boldly against the black background.

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Tie-Dye Tips

Tie-Dye manicure

@nailditbyalyssa / instagram

Love the look of tie-dye? Forget about plain white tees—add a tie-dye touch to your nail tips. Here, you can see how longer squoval nails make the perfect canvas for the multicolor design.

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Mocha Contrast

Mocha Contrast manicure

@aliciatnails / instagram

These squoval nails have slightly rounded tips but still fit the bill. Perfect for fall, they showcase a brown and black color block, one of the season’s hottest combos.

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Bold Mix-and-Match

Mismatched manicure with smiley faces, zebra print, strawberry and swirl designs

@yo_keshh / instagram

We love an emoji mani, and this one incorporates a strawberrysmiley face, and yin-yang alongside other popular nail art designs, like rainbow waves and checkers. While you can absolutely try your hand at this intricate nail look, you’ll likely want to leave this look to the pros.

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Negative Space Nails

Negative Space pastel Nails

@aliciatnails / instagram

There’s so much to love about this pastel squoval nail look. Beyond the soft colors, we’re mesmerized by the negative space and milky sea glass base of each nail.

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Dotted Delight

Dotted mismatched manicure

@brownluxenails / instagram

Here’s another way to apply the mismatched nail art trend to squoval nails. We love the combination of multicolor splotches, stripes, and grids.

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Java Swirl

Java Swirl manicure

@nails_and_soul / instagram

Swirl nails always make a statement, especially when paired with a neutral base. To create a similar look, use two brown nail polish shades from the Lights Lacquer YNBB Bundle ($58).

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Groovy Mismatch

Groovy Mismatch manicure

@nails_and_soul / instagram

Typically, mix-and-match nail looks feature a solid base. Here, you can see how a milky transparent background gives this mani a totally different vibe. The result is a bold nail look that manages to still seem kind of low-key.

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Geo Tips

Geo Tips manicure

@eleven2six_ / instagram

Forget about traditional French tips. These squoval nails feature a geometric, asymmetric color block tip. To recreate this look, you’ll need peach and red polish, as well as a sheer neutral polish for the base.

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Pastel Squiggle

Pastel Squiggle manicure

@chalkboardnails / instagram

These pastel squiggle nails give retro Barbie vibes, and we’re all for it. To recreate the look, apply a different pastel polish to each nail, and then use a fine-lining nail art brush to create the swirls.

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